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about how to keep healthy

We all have bad memories of the COVID-19


student-849825_1920.jpgDespite these experiences, everyone still does not know how we can prevent it. Masks can't stop the virus at all, and vaccines can't have a good effect on mutant viruses. If we face the virus contagion again, how should we face it in life?

· First of all, we must pay attention to some details, pay attention to hygiene, nutrition, high-protein, resist junk food, and pay attention to weight regulation and not obesity. Through a healthy life, eliminate basic diseases, make the body vigorous, do not rely on drugs, and have a good immunity. All these need to be solved by yourself.

· In addition, it emphasizes the enhancement of blood circulation. A healthy body has excellent blood circulation, warm hands and feet, and smooth blood flow. When your hands and feet are cold, this has already told you that there is a problem with the body's circulatory system. What you should do at this time is to clear the body meridians, repair all blocked nodes on

the circulation channels, and make your body active. We can help you with these.

A healthy body is full of vitality, the body is flexible, there is no pain, and the hands and feet are warm. When you find that you have a problem, first it is not you see a doctor, because you are not sick, you should dredge the meridians the first time so that there is no pain in your body. All medicines used to treat pain at the same time cause great harm to the kidneys, liver, and spleen. You must be cautious when using medicines. Many people who already have underlying diseases usually take a lot of medicine, and their kidneys, liver and spleen are already overwhelmed.

The outbreak of the epidemic is a bad thing, but through this incident you have changed the details of your life and your body has improved, then you will turn a bad thing into a good thing. Let us all work together.

Thank you.

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