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Health common sence


27.jpgHealth common sence

After a hot summer's consumption, anyone will feel exhausted, fatigued, and sore. The reason is the excessive use of fans and air conditioners in summer, and some acidic trash accumulates on the surface of the body, blocking capillaries, poor blood flow, stiffness and compression of painful nerves, causing damage to the nervous system.

Most people will choose to see a doctor, and the doctor will give a very professional explanation, but there is no good way, usually some painkillers. Over time, a lot of pain will become chronic, or develop from the outside to the deep, and eventually cause disease.

So how should you treat your body?

The body is like a large complex machine or an assembly line. Frequent maintenance is required. If you cherish your body, please take a day off in a month and do a reflex zone massage to dredge the meridians and acupreture points. If you are not old, you may not get a serious illness in your life. . Physical exercise is active detoxification, and reflex zone massage is passive detoxification. Both are required. If you can treat your body wisely, the disease will stay away from you.

When you have no pain in your body, you can make more money. You can't be stingy with this expense.

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