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Stiffness can cause a       variety of injuries


22132037818_2533e9e707_z小小.jpgEasy to get hurt. When the thigh muscles harden, one is to increase the load of the knee joint, which is easy to cause knee pain and movement obstacles; the other is to make the activities of the psoas major and femoral joints connected with it difficult, which makes people unable to walk with great strides and easy to fall. At the moment of falling,   people who are stiff may cause more serious injuries or even fractures.

Body pain. Many young people often have back pain, shoulder and neck pain, which is closely related to the degree of rigidity of the body. Hardening of the body can cause slow blood circulation and "cooling" of the body.

cold limbs. About 40% of the body's heat is produced by muscles. When muscles decay, harden and blood circulation worsen, the heat produced will be reduced, resulting in a decrease in body temperature.

Often tired. When muscles harden, the capillaries in them also harden, causing blood to flow abnormally. One of the important functions of blood circulation is to transport nutrients and oxygen, and recover the body's tired and weak metabolites. If the function of blood circulation becomes poor, the body will feel tired easily.

Weight gain. Energy and fat consumed by the human body need to be burned through muscle exercise. Once the muscle is stiff and unable to move fully, it will lead to the decrease of metabolism speed and the accumulation of fat.

Rough skin. When the muscle or blood vessel hardens, it will affect the blood circulation of the skin, resulting in problems such as facial dryness, color spots, dullness, wrinkles, relaxation, etc.