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Etiology of internal rheumatism and dietary care


22132037818_2533e9e707_z小小.jpgAccording to traditional Chinese medicine theory, the basic pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis is the retention of evils such as wind, cold, dampness, heat, phlegm and phlegm. The beginning of the illness is more real. Wind evil spirits, limbs are sore, painful and nowhere to go; cold and evil, cold limbs or painful pain, pain does not move, the temperature is relieved; wet evil, heavy limbs, disease prolonged unhealed; heat Evil stagnation, local redness and heat pain; long-term liver and kidney loss, body weight loss, joint deformation, muscle atrophy, joint stiffness, tendons and veins. In addition to targeted regular rheumatoid arthritis, diet can help relieve symptoms in some patients. Here are some recommended food points for everyone to use.

Dietary principles: It is advisable to eat high-protein, high-calorie, rich in cellulose and digestible foods; generally do not use fried, grilled, braised, blasted and other cooking methods, eat more steamed, stewed, boiled, soaked, soup and other food; Do not eat high-fat foods, because the ketone body produced by fat in the metabolic process will stimulate the joints; eat sweets, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, sugar will affect the absorption of calcium, aggravate osteoporosis.
Specific adjustment plan: eat light and peaceful foods in the acute phase, such as glutinous rice, millet porridge, rapeseed, leeks, wolfberry,   jellyfish, day lily, tomato, celery, melon, loofah, cucumber, watermelon, sugar cane Wait; eat warm food in the chronic period, and should not eat too cold food, such as pork ribs, lean pork, squid, mutton, beef, eggs, milk, etc.; wind evil is more popular, should eat soybean meal, leeks , onions, ginger; cold evils are more prosperous, should be fennel, cinnamon, pepper, pepper, dried ginger on the vegetables, avoid cold; wet evil is more prosperous, should eat hazelnuts, red beans, white lentils; It is advisable to eat Malantou,   green vegetables and fruits. It is not advisable to eat spicy and stimulating products.
Medicated diet: 1. Pepper and pork soup. 100 grams of lean pork, 90 grams of pepper root, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper; the lean pork washed and cut, pepper root washed with gauze wrapped, sealed; ginger slices, onions cut; pork, pepper root, Put the onion, ginger and pepper together in a casserole, add some water; first boil with a large fire, then use a small fire for 30 minutes until the meat is rotten, go to the pepper root, add salt, and boil. It has the effect of warming and dispelling cold, dampness and relieving pain, and is suitable for those with severe joint pain. 2. Day lily root wine. 10 grams of day lily root and rice wine; Wash the roots of day lily into the pot, add some water, first boil with high heat, then use a small fire to cook for 30 minutes; go to the slag to take juice, rush the rice wine orally. The side has the function of clearing away heat and collaterals. It is suitable for those who have phlegm and joint swelling and pain.