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Systemic 12 meridians repair



The body's meridians and collaterals are composed of meridians and collaterals, which are trunk lines and collateral branches.The meridian and the collaterals crisscross, forming a large net in the human body.The meridians and collaterals are covered with hydroxylamine, internal viscera, body parts, viscera organs, skeletal muscles, skin and hair in this big net.Therefore, the body is sick, will be through the meridian to our body alarm.Traditional Chinese medicine calls it "all diseases in the inside, must form in the outside"

The repair is according to TCM traditional meridian theory, combing the meridians, to recover the body of a harmonious state. Physical conditioning sub-health, activate body self-healing function! For all kinds of chronic diseases, cervical spondylosis, low back pain has a good role of adjuvant therapy. The human body is a drug, seek medical attention than the meridian meridian! Not all.