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The face


The face

Twelve meridians, Sanyang-hand, foot hand Shao-Yin Heart Sutra, and foot Jue-Yin liver meridians are distributed to the face.  The rest of the Yin table passing through the two sides does not coincide. From the top of the face, the kidneys and the body’s organs also pass through the head, face and facial.  Limb contact is as an organic whole; therefore, the face is a convergence of the personal ministries and blood.

The body organs and limbs reflect the central meridian.  Since the face is blood rich, skin is thin and tender; it reflects an illness and it is also the most sensitive.Therefore, when the body is ill, it can often be reflected in the facial region.

Dialing facial muscle by dredging the meridians, organs and facial reflex points, stimulates and activates blood, stasis of the knot, blood vessels within the metabolic toxins and waste, thereby reducing skin color.  First, this enhances immunity, prevents sensitivity, regulates liver detoxification function, and conditions of the liver (Allergy).  

Second, it regulates heart function and blood supply conditions (the Heart Sutra), improves skin by adding moisture.  Third, it adjusts the spleen and spleen dysfunction due to facial yellowness, nutrient deficiency (Rejuvenation).  Fourth, it conditions the lung function caused by enlarged pores (Balance oil and Acne).  Fifth, it reduces bags under the eyes to adjust kidney condition due to renal function decline caused by the phenomenon of dull complexion (Whitening).


1) Minimize weak skin: By stimulating blood flow speed and dialing tendons, blood vessels can discharge toxins, reduce the burden on the skin and increase endurance.

2) Skin redness: By stimulating the meridians and dredging facial capillary wall contraction, it can improve redness symptoms.

3) Dull skin: By dredging the face meridians and activating blood and metabolic toxins, it can improve the complexion.

4) Flaccid skin wrinkle: By stimulating elastic fibers activity, it can promote skin collagen synthesis and firm wrinkle effects.