Best Reflexology Massage Pain treatment

Ion balance

The combination of ion detoxification and reflexology can bring a very good recovery effect.


The human foot has more than 300,000 pores, it has the appropriate excretory function of assisting the body inabsorbing more negative ions, pH balance, the use of microregulation of energy, enhancing the regulation of human blood flow, balancing the body's microcirculation system, by excretion through the pores of the foot that accumulate harmful substances from the body, enabling the human immune system, to prevent disease.


Ion detox machine:  The benefit of the Ion detox machine is regulation of blood pressure, relieve fatigue, weight control, promote metabolism.

Infrared bamboo charcoal belt:  The benefits of the Infared Bamboo Charcoal Belt is lowering diet, enhance the body’s immunity, clearing the body of toxins, cleaning up of the  liver and kidney, improving blood circulation, helping to reduce wrinkles, acne and other skin problems.